Ecological Olive Garden NFT

This whitepaper is a living document. It will be updated regularly. Any information listed here could be altered and values could be updated but overall the core structure will stay the same and any major changes will be announced.

What is Oliveland?

Oliveland is a tokenized ecological farming project. The main target of the project is applying 100% sustainable and zero carbon footprint ecological farming. All Oliveland gardens are AI operated and constantly monitored.

How are the farms tokenized?

Farm shares are converted to NFTs by 1 square feet of the land plot. Every NFT is representing 1 square feet of real land plot. In addition to one NFT card representing 1 square feet of land on the land plot, NFT holders will get profits from sales of olives, honey, blackberries and lavender among others.


Project has 10 different tree NFT’s with different tree types and stake powers.


Garden 1 Shares by NFT

Garden 1 has four parcels of land. One parcel (231) of land is for construction and three for planting.

Phase 1 - Parcel 218 is about 57 608 Square feet and will be tokenized by 57 608 NFT’s.

Phase 2 - Parcel 230 is about 28 804 Square feet and will be tokenized by 28 804 NFT’s.

Phase 3 - Parcel 229 is about 97208 Square feet and will be tokenized by 97 208 NFT’s.

Garden 1 Total is 183 640 Square feet and 183 640 NFT’s.

NFT’s will have X-Y coordinates of the actual place on the land. Of these 183,640 NFT's 44,000 trees are retained by the ownership in exchange for the land.


With Oliveland, although you can visit the land or watch it on stream, we want to have a good experience for our community while they wait for the trees to grow!

You choose your favourite location and register in order to start earning the token OLV through “staking”. It will be a simple claim allowing you to click claim once and receive all tokens.